Shelters:  Ardisam, Clam, Frabill, H.T.
Hub style or flip down.
Augers:  Ardisam, Ion, Jiffy, Strikemaster
Power, hand, blades, covers, adapters.
Bait:  supplier - Higers, Antigo, WI
Large variety of minnows, wigglers, wax worms, moussies, red or white spikes, chena bait, frozen smelt.
Sleds:  Otter, Shappell
Variety of sizes, hyfax runner kits, hitches, covers.
Heaters:  Mr. Heater, Thermablaster
Several styles, hoses, fittings, propane.
Rods, Reels, Tip Ups:  Beaver Dam, Berkley, Frabill, H.T., Scooleys
Large variety 24"-54" rods.  We replace rod tips.  Free line with purchase of reel or combo.
Minnow Buckets/Seat Covers
Insulated, plastic, aerators, batteries, dip nets.
Tip-ups:  Beaver Dam, Berkley, H.T.
Wood, plastic, round, several colors, replacement flags, braided line, line markers.
Lures and Jigs
HUGE variety, too many to mention.
Metal, plastic, measurers, compact.
Knives: Baker, Mr. Twister, Rapala
Electric, hand, variety of styles.  Replacement blades.
Cleaning Accessories
Sharpeners, filet gloves & boards.
Ice anchors-hitches.jpg
Shelter Accessories
Ice anchors, adaptors, gear hangers.
Terminal Tackle
Hooks, line, singers, spring bobbers, leaders, swivels, depth finders.
Winter Boots:  LaCrosse, Wolverine
Insulated packs, knee boots, women & men's.
Fish Batter
Original, cajun, golden, panfish & beer batter.